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Textadept is a fast, minimalist, and remarkably extensible cross-platform text editor.

Fast and Minimalist

Textadept’s user interface is sleek and simple. Relentlessly optimized for speed and minimalism over the years, the editor consists of less than 2000 lines of C and C++ code, and less than 4000 lines of Lua code.


Cross Platform

Textadept runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. It also has a terminal version, which is ideal for work on remote machines.

Linux   macOS

Windows   curses

Remarkably Extensible

Textadept is an ideal editor for programmers who want endless extensibility without sacrificing speed or succumbing to code bloat and featuritis. The editor gives you complete control over the entire application using the Lua programming language. Everything from moving the caret to changing menus and key bindings on-the-fly to handling core events is possible. Its potential is vast.

Multiple Language Support

Being a programmer’s editor, Textadept excels at editing source code. It understands the syntax and structure of more than 100 different programming languages and recognizes hundreds of file types. Textadept uses this knowledge to make viewing and editing code faster and easier. It can also compile and run simple source files.

Unlimited Split Views

Both the graphical version and the terminal version of Textadept support unlimited vertical and horizontal view splitting, even of the same file.

Split Views

Customizable Themes

Textadept uses themes to customize its look and feel. It comes with built-in light, dark, and terminal themes.

Light Theme    Dark Theme

Term Theme

Code Autocompletion

Not only can Textadept autocomplete words in files, but it can also autocomplete symbols for programming languages and display API documentation.

Adeptsense Lua  Adeptsense Lua String

Keyboard Driven

Textadept can be entirely keyboard driven. The editor defines key bindings for many common actions. You can easily reassign existing bindings or create new ones. Keys may be chained together or grouped into language-specific keys or key modes.

Self Contained

Textadept’s binary packages are self-contained and need not be installed. No administrator privileges are required either.

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Comprehensive Manual

Textadept comes with a comprehensive user manual in the application’s docs/ directory. It covers all of Textadept’s main features, including installation, usage, configuration, theming, scripting, and compilation.

Exhaustive API Documentation

Since Textadept is entirely scriptable with Lua, its API is heavily documented. This documentation is also located in docs/ and is the ultimate resource on scripting Textadept. (The editor’s Lua internals also provide abundant scripting examples.)

Try It Yourself

Learn even more about Textadept by downloading and trying it out yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied, contact us or e-mail me personally (orbitalquark att You may also fork the project, submit patches, or sponsor a feature. Textadept is 100% open source.


Still Not Convinced?

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*Warning: nightly builds may be untested, may have bugs, and are the absolute cutting-edge versions of Textadept. Please exercise caution if using them in a production environment.